2022-06-25 08:55:08 By : Ms. Vivien Jiang

Albert Arazi and his three brothers, Elliot, Raymond and Dave, came together to start a health and wellness company, MIKO, that treats people from the ground up. They developed their products 100% with the consumer in mind - with the overall mission of helping people stay well enough to remain grounded while chasing the stars. 

MIKO started with a line of foot massagers and moved into the air purification and humidifying realms. The idea was that happy feet keep people de-stressed and clean and humidified air keeps people healthy and their minds clear!

MIKO has a whole line of foot massagers, but their most popular one is the MAS 2. The MAS 2 is a full-service foot, calf and ankle customizable shiatsu massager. The unit warms your feet while vibrating and massaging to hit pressure points on feet, ankles and calves. 

The experience helps melt pain away while relaxing the entire body at the same time. In addition, it comes with a magnetic remote so that you can adjust the settings, stick the remote to the encasement and relax. 

What's more, the massager stand, used for adjusting it to sit on your calves, doubles as a handle for easy storage. The liners also zip out for washing. There are many foot massagers on the market, but you would be hard-pressed to find one of MIKO quality at their price point. And as with all of their products, trying it is risk-free. If the massager doesn't deliver the experience you are looking for, return it within 30-days for your money back.

As described, the brothers' next venture was air purifiers. They once again sought out the best they could find and developed the IBUKI line of air purifiers.    

The original IBUKI is a smaller unit that comes with three layers of HEPA H13 purification. It has three speeds, a built-in timer and an aromatherapy essential oil diffuser. This is their most basic air purifier, but it is the only model with a scent diffuser.

The IBUKI M provides MIKO's next level of purification. This purifier is equipped with a three-stage H13 HEPA filter rated for 970 square feet, enough for a small to medium-sized apartment or house. Just like the others, it has 360° suction, filters dust allergens, smoke, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and more. The smart operation and intuitive controls make it easy to use so that you can feel your best no matter what. 

Last, the IBUKI L is similar to the IBUKI M, with additional coverage of up to 1600 square feet, enough for the first floor of an average sized house. You can mix and match, put the IBUKI L on the first floor and an IBUKI original in each bedroom to diffuse relaxing scents while you sleep.

MYST is MIKO's first humidifier. When your home is at the perfect humidity, your body doesn't have to work to keep your skin hydrated. They also assist with skin problems like dryness and redness and can help you breathe better, especially during the cold winter months. MYST exudes cool and warm mist, and you have the option to scent the air with essential oils. Additionally, the patented zero-leak water tank gives peace of mind by leaving behind zero mess. 

The results MIKO products deliver to customers are out of this world. They have managed to build an engaged and loyal customer base because they are dedicated to quality and delivering on their promise of holistic health. You can find MIKO products on their website, at Sam's Club and Amazon. So, if you are looking to improve your health and well-being while interacting with a company that truly cares, shop MIKO today! 

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