Replace MP Filtri Hydraulic Oil Filter Oil Filter Cu040p25n

Quick DetailsPlace of Origin:Hebei, China (Mainland)Model Number:01.E.30.3VG.HR.E.PMaterial:Stainless Steel Wire MeshProduct Name:INTERONMEN hyraulic oil filterWorking system:High Pressure Hydraulic Filter HousingApplication:FiltrationFilter media:Fiberglass Pleated PaperType:Hydraulic Oil Filter ElementWarranty:6-8monthsCertifi

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Quick Details
Place of Origin:
Hebei, China (Mainland)
Model Number:
Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
Product Name:
INTERONMEN hyraulic oil filter
Working system:
High Pressure Hydraulic Filter Housing
Filter media:
Fiberglass Pleated Paper
Hydraulic Oil Filter Element
Filter material:
Superior Glass Fiber
Filtration Precision:
5um 10um 20um
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
2000 Piece/Pieces per Week Replacement INTERONMEN hyraulic oil filter
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
Carton package inside,Wooden package outside.or according Clients requirment.
Port Tianjin
Lead Time :
Quantity(Pieces)1 - 1011 - 50>50
Est. Time(day)37To be negotiated
01.E.30.3VG.HR.E.P Replacement INTERONMEN hydraulic oil system filter element
Product Description

INTERNORMEN filter cartridge hydraulic oil filter element
(1) Accuracy: 1um, 3um, 5um, 6um, 10um, 20um, 25um, 30um, 40um, 50um, 80um, 100um, 130um,200um, 500um
(2) Material: Glass fiber filter paper-BN, Stainless steel wire mesh-W, Wood pulp paper-P, Stainless steel sintered mesh-V
(3) Sealing Materials: Z- fluorine Aprons, D- NBR
(4) Working Pressure: H-32MPa, M-16MPa, C-3.0MPa, L-1.6MPa
(5) Working Medium: general hydraulic oil
(6) Working Temperature: -30ºC~+100ºC
Other Part's list:
 Parts No. Parts No.



Our filter elements are tested according to ISO 2943
Compatibility with hydraulic fluids ISO 3968
Flow characteristics ISO/DIS 3724
Flow fatigue characteristics ISO/DIS 4572
Filter performance test (Multi-pass test) ISO 2942
Proof of integrity and quality (Bubble point test) ISO 3723
Verification of the end cap stress ISO 2941
Collapse / burst pressure verification

1.The quality and performance can be guaranteed as original elements.
2.Temperature Range -4°F~212°F
3.Seals: nitrile seals, fluorocarbon seals for corrosive fluids.
4.Collapse pressure rating 21bar-210bar (Hydraulic Liquid Filtration)
5.Filtering precision 3, 5, 10,20 and 50 micron.
6.Filter Medium: glass fiber, filter paper , stainless steel sinter fiber and stainless wire mesh.
7.Fluid Compatibility Compatible with all petroleum oils,water glycols, oil/water emulsions, high water base fluids,and synthetic fluids compatible with Fluoro Rubber or EPR seals.

Detailed Filter Image:
Repalcement MP Filtri Hydraulic Oil Filter Element Oil Filter Cu040p25n

oil filter making list
oil filter making machinery pall hc9801fdt8h filter others P/N:
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Repalcement MP Filtri Hydraulic Oil Filter Element Oil Filter Cu040p25n

We also could supply many replacements,such as:
MF100-3-P10-NB replacement to MP FILTRI filter element
1.901-G40-A00-0-P replacement to EPE filter element
UC-2418 replacement to UCC filter element
1.1000H20XL-A00-0-V replacement to EPE filter element
SUS-200-B24-P-3-125 replacement to STAUFF filter element
TF-400X100 replacement to DELTECH return oil filters
HC9100FCN8H,HC9100FCP8H replacement to PALL filter element
HC9100FCS8H,HC9100FCT8H replacement to PALL filter element
V3.0510-03 replacement to ARGO filter element

the function of the filter
For a sound operation of the engine, there must be a lot of pure air is inhaled. If harmful substances (dust, 
colloid, alumina, acidification iron, etc) in the air are inhaled into the engine, cylinder and piston assembly will
 increase the burden, making cylinder and piston components abnormal wear that would mixed with engine oil, 
and more substantial wear is possible, which may result in the deterioration of the engine performance, 
shorten the engine life, and prevent engine wear. At the same time, Air filter obtains silencer function.
why chose us?
 Repalcement MP Filtri Hydraulic Oil Filter Element Oil Filter Cu040p25n

Filter Material:
1. Base media: Polyester 20% Cellulose 80%
2. Operating efficiency: 99.9% on 1 micron
3. Washable: Several times
4. Maximum operating temperature: 200oF/93oC
5. Abrasion resistance: Excellent 
6. Chemical tolerance: Excellent 
7. Optional flame retardant media(FR): To order

Other composition:
1. Gasket: Neoprene rubber, good at absolute hermetic seal, improving the durability
and life. 
2. Inside cage: Galvanized steel, to prevent corrosion. 
3. Molded top: Available in a varitety of styles and sizes to fit a wide range of
Tubesheet Holes. 
4. Molded bottom: Helps resist abrasive wear at the bottom of the elements.

1. Description: Excellent performance on moist, hygroscopic, or agglomerative dust.
2 Marktets: Thermal spray, welding, mining, chemical processing, metal buffing, pharmaceutical,cement, woodworking and etc.
3. Dust types: Fumed silica, metallic fume, metallurgical powders, and etc. 
4. Available for collectors: SFF/XLC, SFFK, Torit DFT
5. Substitute: Donaldson, Nodic, BHA

1. Optional construction and dimensions are available on all cartridges.
2. Please contact us to make optimal filtration solutions of your applications.

Some factory onsite image:

Repalcement MP Filtri Hydraulic Oil Filter Element Oil Filter Cu040p25n
Repalcement MP Filtri Hydraulic Oil Filter Element Oil Filter Cu040p25n
Repalcement MP Filtri Hydraulic Oil Filter Element Oil Filter Cu040p25n
Repalcement MP Filtri Hydraulic Oil Filter Element Oil Filter Cu040p25n

Our client distribution Diagram:

Repalcement MP Filtri Hydraulic Oil Filter Element Oil Filter Cu040p25n

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